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Happy 50th Birthday Dr. Marten!

April 1, 2010

Thought I’d make a quick post to mention Dr. Marten’s 50th anniversary today.

Yes that’s right, 50 years since this strong British subculture brand (developed by German, Dr. Klaus Marten) launched their famous and distinctive boot.

To mark the occasion Dr. Marten have a series of competitions and offers running on their website,

Additionally, 10 featured musical artists have recorded their own special adaptations of classic tracks in ode to mark the said fiftieth anniversary, from the Noisette’s to the Cinematic Orchestra. All videos will be uploaded within the next 10 weeks on the Dr. Marten website.

The below video shows the Noisettes’ Donna Summer-esk version of ‘Ever Fallen in Someone (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve)’ originally by the Buzzcocks-obviously echoing Dr. Marten’s associations with the punk era.

Naturally, all the artists featured in the videos are wearing DM’s, there are links on the website which feature the exact designs the artist’s are wearing so you too can purchase a pair-fancy that!


Rose Tinted Views on Tattoos.

March 31, 2010

Recently I have found myself intrigued and inspired by a tattoo. Kind of a worrying concept for someone with a needle phobia!

I have always enjoyed looking at tattoos, and many of my friends in fact have them, but I have never taken the steps towards the studio!

Having said that, yesterday I found myself browsing online catalogues and tattoo blogs. As a result, I came upon this image, the image of a rose.

Yes this isn’t innovative, and the image of the rose has probably been tattooed for centuries, but this individual tattoo I find incredibly beautiful and inspiring, most probably due to its realistic form.

So much so it has made me question whether I should or should not have a/this tattoo and to think about where on my body I should have it.

To me a tattoo is a decorative alternative art form which is an addition to the self as an expression of the inner selves, for the enjoyment of others, the audience; the viewers.

Having never had a tattoo I am relatively unaware of the value of this tattoo or in fact the pain endured, but what I can appreciate is the aesthetic beauty this tattoo holds within my gaze.

Historically, the tattoo has been used in humans for branding and identification purposes for slaves and tribes. Today is it almost always for cosmetic reasons.

So whilst I’m thinking and considering this, please tell me, do you have any tattoos? And if not, what would you get?

Bye Bye Urbis.

February 24, 2010

Sunday 28th February shall be a sad day for Urbis, Manchester, UK.

For Sunday is the last day Urbis will open it’s doors as Urbis, the urban museum.

Instead, the next time we shall see the inside of this unique building, we shall, if we really want to, be browsing the isles of the National Football Museum. Oh the joys.

I remember back in 2002/3 our GCSE Geography trip to the newly opened Urbis, the urban geography museum. I remember it was quite groundbreaking not only in its architecture, but the ways in which learning was promoted.

After climbing the side of the building in the 45 degree lift, we entered a dark room which took us on a journey of projected urban images, wind machines and funky music which focused on the subject of urban geography. For 15/16 year olds this was a pretty exciting school trip!

Looking up the Levels of Urbis

Soon after I believe the museum was modernized to encorporate a more cultural outlook on to urban life showing exhibitions which included media, art and social issues.

Feature of the the 'Urbis has left the Building' Exhibition.

In view to pay my respects to Urbis I decided to head down on my day off and browse those last standing exhibitions-‘Home Grown-the story of UK Hip Hop’ , ‘Urbis has left the building-Six years of the best exhibitions in Pop Culture’ and Manchester, Television and the City Ghost of Winter’.

Part of the 'Home Grown: The Story of UK Hip Hop' Exhibition

Although I found all the exhibitions interesting, I must say I enjoyed ‘Manchester, Television and the City Ghost of Winter’ the most. This exhibition combined historic elements of Manchester, such as its social history, with popular media and as the title suggests, television. This in turn meant this exhibition was very interactive and engaging with its audience, and for those from Manchester, personally interesting by depicting historical local reports and the (re) development of inner-city living in Manchester.

In reflection, I feel, although maybe uneconomical, Manchester is making a loss with the closure of Urbis. With its engaging exhibitions combining popular culture, art and media, I felt although Urbis was Manchesters answer to Bradford’s Media Museum.

I certainly highly recommend to those who can, visiting Urbis before its closure on Sunday.

So I moved to Manchester?

January 27, 2010

So I moved to Manchester?

Yes indeed I did!

September 2009 I got my things together and landed in my lovely Manchester city centre apartment.

Not really a planned decision, but that’s the way my life goes-random!

Living in what I’d say is the street style epicentre of the north, creativity in style and general life has never been as prominent and inspiring from just walking through the city centre.

Being part of such an environment has inspired me, and I realise, I now have a reason to write as there is so much more to talk about!

So let’s rewind a month, The Manchester Christmas Market.

This was the first time I’d been to the full Christmas market in Manchester and it was truly magical! So many pretty things and so much amazing food!

In total I went three times. I ate bratwurst, roast hog, pancakes, waffles, chocolate covered fruit, cake, coconut ….yummm. Most importantly, I really enjoyed it!

It definitely put me in the Christmas spirit-even if I did spend Christmas day alone in my flat (sob sob)!

I also treated myself to some sheepskin mittens. I love them to pieces, so so warm! As it’s so cold here at the moment they are also very practical! I was really lucky as these were the last pair in the tan colour too!

Wish the market was here all year round, but sadly a week before Christmas I woke up and it’d gone 😦

I’ve been Tumbled.

November 27, 2009

Recently I came across Tumblr and I’ve become attached to it!

It’s basically a cross between blogging and Twitter, its really easy and simple to do, and very instant.

You can add as little or as much to it as you want and I don’t really believe you really have to think about your audience as much as traditional blogging-hense the similarities with Twitter.

For my purposes I’m using Tumblr as a way to log my random thoughts and ideas, and generally things that either mean something to me, or have perhaps made me stand back and think that day.

Check my Tumblr out HERE. Maybe it’ll inspire you.

Flora by Gucci and So Much Love for the Advert!

August 7, 2009

A pink hazy hue floods our vision whilst the heavenly, yet also very provocative, hymns of Donna Summer’s classic ‘I Feel Love’ begin to echo through our ears.

This is the new advert for the fragrance Flora, by Gucci.

Total fairy tale utopianism, I instantly fell in love with this advert. Femininity oozes as we watch the model, surrounded in a field of flowers, effortlessly spin magically for the flowers to bow to her powers, if only we had the same effect on men? Maybe it would happen if we wore this perfume 😉

Due to the pace and the vision this advert perspires to its viewers, I feel this advert works really well. On one hand it makes you stop and take notice, its ambience is quiet apposed to the dross Safestyle UK hit us with each Ad break! So therefore, instead of switching off we’re intrigued.

It’s also very overt in addressing its target audience, instantly the adverts femaleness hits us. Yet the product the advert is selling is kept from the audience until the very last moment, and with that, the audience is kept captive with the surreal events the advert encompasses until the purpose is revealed.

Beautifully directed by Chris Cunningham I believe this is definitely one of, if not the, most favoured advert that I have seen this year.

Below is the ‘making of’ video I just happened to come across on It shows how much went into creating the illusion of beauty, combining connotations of natural femininity, sex and power, as well as perhaps wealth, with the fragrance being associated with a high end brand such as Gucci.

Baby, We Are Back in Business!

August 5, 2009
Oh no, theres no need to bring out the fanfare! Image taken from

Oh no, there's no need to bring out the fanfare! Image taken from

 That’s right, I’m finally back! After three months of virtual tumble weed floating before your eyes I am now back in the limelight and ready to let rip!

Things I want to ‘vent’ before I get on the roll; 

  • I really want to give this blog a bit of a fresh start, new pictures, a new style, clean and cool, all aesthetic things really, but yes, I crave new beginnings!


  •  Also, although I haven’t been specifically writing in the past three months I have been jotting down ideas for articles which I still intend on posting, even though they might be a tad less current than had I wrote and posted at the time…oh dear! How tragic do I sound! Take it as bloggers jet lag; I need a bit of time to catch up, that’s all!


  • Finally-Hello summer time! How nice was the weather in June? And where did July go? Helloooo!