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The Christmas Jumper

December 23, 2008


…or rather not.


Whilst at uni, I found what I thought then was a gem.



For £5 in Oxfam, I purchased this 1980s Pringle, neon geometric men’s jumper.


In the midst of a 2006 nu-rave fantasy, a vividly coloured, geometric uniquely designed men’s woollen jumper kind of appealed, some how.


Yet back in the cold light of reality, this must be one of the least wearable things I have ever bought. I mean, how do you wear that without looking like a complete tit?


This has resulted in this wonderfully coloured jumper living on, folded at the bottom of my wardrobe with the tag still attached. Poor thing. L


Anyway, I’ve decided I shall now call upon a campaign to ‘out’ the, oh so sexual, jumper. This jumper has rights, it needs to be worn!




So I call upon you readers, yes you! How would you wear it? I’m thinking I’ll try out some suggestions in a later post? Yes, yes?


Here’s my first contribution to the campaign, jumper with black tights/shiny leggings (I don’t own any shiny leggings (yet) but I’m sure you’ll agree, tights have a pretty similar effect!J). Any thoughts?

Yep, amazing isn't it.

Yep, amazing isn't it.



I must point out however, I would not wear this jumper in public wearing only tights! Would be rather drafty to say the least!


P.S  Please excuse my hair!

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