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Show and Tell; What did you get for Christmas?

January 3, 2009

Now, doesn’t time fly! I know, I know, I said I’d write later last week, but I didn’t, yep…I suck! Anyway, it’s better late than never!


First of all I’d like to start by wishing you all a


Happy New Year!


 Instead of whiling the last day of the year away in the usual local hotspot, for my new years eve I travelled to Nottingham for a friends house party which was most refreshing!


I hope you all had a great Christmas anyway, but as promised, here is my update on what I got for Christmas!


A Montage of Christmas Gifts!

A Montage of Christmas Gifts!



  • Some sexy biker boots. These were from Clarks-yes shock horror, mother’s favourite shop! I think they cost around £70, but they’ll probably get reduced soon in the sale. A few things I’d like to note about Clarks though.

(a)    I searched the whole of West Yorkshire trying to find a size 4 in this boot (a size you would have thought was quite popular with the granny’s‘sensible’ people, whom normally shop there!). I finally found they had one pair in the Leeds city centre store.

(b)   Clarks must naturally employ rude/scary staff. In all the stores I went to all the staff had personality disorders, and kind of scared me off really. Clarks, if you want to sell shoes, employ some nice people!

(c)    Well done though for actually selling something that is bordering on fashionable!


  • A new winter/’interview’ coat. According to mother, I’d need a warm coat for interviews this winter, yet I am still waiting to be actually offered an interview… The coat isn’t on the photo montage above, but I’ll be sure to show it you later!


  • A cute personalised mug. My gay best friend bought me (and a few others so I gather) a mug with photos of us together. I think their available from websites such as and cost around £5. It’s a nice idea though and I reckon it’ll make me smile when I’m drinking my cuppa or hot chocolate on a cold evening!


  • Sweets. Those of who know me will know I’m kind of addicted to sweets…spending pounds at University each day, I found myself pretty overloaded this Christmas!


I did receive mainly money from relatives, hence perhaps a lack of presents to talk about! I’ve decided to put all the money I received into my savings account as I’m very likely to need any extra cash in the coming 12 months!

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