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Someone Call a Doctor!

January 6, 2009





I stumbled across these boots whilst browsing the Dr. Marten website, and instantly fell in love. Although their not something I’d usually be drawn to, the contrast between the glamour of the heel and the patent against the masculinity of Dr. Marten creates a really unique image.


I say I fell in love, well, I fell right out of love with them again when I saw another photograph of the boots on a different website. The heel appeared much smaller than it actually does on the image above.


With images of a cool little party boot and as a lover of killer heels, to see this it was rather poo to say the least. The boots became sensible and to think I thought Dr. Martens were all about being rebellious?


Meanwhile, having just got over my heartbreak, I came across the original style boots in bright pink. I think I have seen these before, but my mind today was definitely in boot mode!




Although they’re quite bright and outrageous, I also think these boots have ‘cute’ potential. Together with a pair of Betsy Johnson black heart print tights, a baby doll dress and big hair a fun look with a touch of 80’s punk would be created. 


But I keep thinking I’d need guts to pull them off, wearing them alone would need a lot of confidence.


Generally speaking, there is a definite division of views around Dr. Martens. Some people love them, some people hate them, and some people, like my self, are curious enough to think about purchasing a pair. 


To me, Dr. Martens make an individual statement. They were once worn as a social status symbol by the punks, but perhaps now people are more likely to wear them to be noticed, much like Agyness Deyn.


What do you think?


 Both pairs of boots are available from the Dr. Martens Official Online Store.



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