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Nylon Crossing Wires…or is that Genres?

January 17, 2009

As a consequence of returning from a short shopping trip, I currently feel the need to vent my annoyance of the ignorance of some ‘specialist’ retailers in my local town.

Nylon is a very well known ladies fashion magazine, perhaps more so to the young than to the more mature. Yet whilst browsing magazines in my local Whsmiths this week, I came across something rather peculiar.

For within my local Whsmiths store, I found Nylon displayed in the ‘Men’s Lifestyle Magazine’ section. But forgive me if I’m wrong, but, Nylon is quite blatantly a woman’s magazine?


Curiosity got the better of me, and I just had to double check. Within the current issue pictures of women’s fashions and lifestyle interests, per usual, filled the pages, with not one hint of masculinity. So, even a quick flick through establishes the target audience is female.

I wonder what Smith’s will do when/if they become stockists of Nylon Guys? Hmmm…potential tricky situation there I’m thinking?


By placing the women’s lifestyle section on adjacent shelves to the men’s lifestyle section then perhaps the misplacement would be better explained and perhaps more noticeable to the female audience. Yet in this store, women’s lifestyle is located on island shelving at the other end of the magazine department, so would be completely out of sight, out of mind to the consumer. Doesn’t really make sense does it?

What this highlights therefore, is the importance of product display. Nylon is targeted at women, so it should quite rightly be in the women’s lifestyle area, as it is not, vital sales are being lost.

If you’re going to stock something you’re not totally clued up about, do your market research, and perhaps display it in the correct space to maximise profits?

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