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Grey Hair-Too Good for the Young?

February 10, 2009

Today I’d like you cast your mind back to spring/summer 2008. Yes, that wet, but supposedly warm and sunny time of year that we all look forward to, but the British weather just cannot help but disappoint us.

But as it happens I’m not going to be talking about the weather in this article. No, in this piece I shall be telling you about John Galliano’s past spring/summer 08 collection.

Yes, perhaps this is a year late and I should be talking about this year’s collection (maybe I shall in a later post) but I do have my reasons.

Currently, I have found my self day dreaming about what it would be like to dye my hair grey. These fantasies are sourced from the said past collection of Galliano in which he created a youthful ‘Big Edie’. This clashing between youth and the elderly somewhat fascinates me, as those of you whom may know me, I do have a bit of a granny style going on!

Anyway, I decided to try it out, the grey hair that is. Hopefully this little experiment of mine will put all your minds at rest, and finally, you too will feel inspired and content with growing old gracefully!

Ahh...The Genious Powers of Talc...

Ahh...The Genious Powers of Talc...

So, what do you think? Hot or not? Please let me know!

The style I’ve taken influence from in my make up and hair can be seen on the video above at about 4.37 mins.

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  1. February 12, 2009 9:56 pm

    I think it looks cute!

    • sweetpeagreen permalink*
      February 13, 2009 12:36 pm

      Thank you Beth! x

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