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Marie Antionnette, Girls Aloud and Pastels.

February 12, 2009

Well, last night as you know, I had a wild night with talc. Waking this morning with grey hair was quite fun, but then it dawned I had to go into town for my aunties birthday lunch. You may be also interested, oddly enough, that after washing my hair it came out much shinier than usual, so perhaps talc’s good for shiny hair? Try it. See if you have the same results! 


Anyway, looking back today on my last post and I had a brainwave. I knew something seemed really familiar about the colours used in the Galliano show. The pastel, sugary, pretty mise-en-scene had appealed to me before, I was just finding it really hard to place the source! 


Now, this is going to take some explaining! Whilst flicking through music channels I came across the video above by Girls Aloud for their single ‘I Can’t Speak French’. As you can see the mise-en-scene of the video is overtly influenced by French royalty and prestige with a sexy twist.  

Marie Antionnette
Marie Antoinette

Instantly, Marie Antoinette (2006) came to mind. As one of my favourite films, Dir Sofia Coppola encapsulates the same pastel palette in the film seen in the Galliano collection for spring/summer 2008. It’s definitely the reference point I’d been trying to think of before! Kirsten Dunst’s hair and make up in the film is so alike that seen in on the catwalk. Hmm I wonder if there were any overlaying influences there…

But bringing us back up to date, this year’s spring/summer catwalks has also seen a extensive range of pastel shades and tones being applied, much more so than last year. So basically, buy in your pastel shades!

*This post was supposed to be posted last night, but wordpress went crazy!

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