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London Fashion Week-Autumn/Winter 09.

March 2, 2009

Here we are again, another week and another fashion week has gone by. Last week it was London’s turn to pay host to our favourite designers.


Yep, I wasn’t at London fashion week either, but I’ve been doing my online research again! I know you just love it…


So first in line to get the Sweet Pea Green review is….drum roll please…Ashish.

Wow, what a collection! Funky, vibrant and fun, Ashish really inspires us with this autumn-winter 09 collection to be creative and loud in the dull winter months.

One loud message I took from this collection was that wherever we are in the world, we should no longer be afraid to experiment in the creation of our outfits/image. This is what fashion should be about.


Ashish clashes colours, patterns and materials in this collection and the result is a very brightly coloured, modern punk.



Leopard print again is very evident in this collection as was in many of the collections seen in New York in the previous week. Ashish also works zebra, Scandinavian and American stars and stripe prints all at once into numerous outfits.

Pompoms however, take the centre stage in this collection. Large, small…and medium sized too, stuck here, there and everywhere! Ashish uses pompoms in a fun, colourful, in-your-face fashion. It really which reminds me of art programmes and the children’s presenters that I used to watch as a child! 😀  

The use of pompoms also features in Luella’s autumn-winter 09 collection.

As apposed to Ashish, Luella uses pompoms in a more sedate manner. Natural coloured fur bags with matching pompoms dangle as the model walks along this catwalk.  


Luella-Image taken from

Luella-Image taken from


Luella has overall taken a step back from the loud punk-goth she portrayed last winter, and instead brings compilations of sombre tweeds and gold with accents of baby blue and natural furs. I particularly liked her tapered trousers!


Luella definitely went for her usual ‘each girl as an individual’ thing again this year, no model looked identical and seemed to effortlessly express Luella’s quirky British-ness.  Lovely.

PPQ on the other hand gave us a generic hairstyle, the side-parted plat and a general similarity in the appearances of all their girls. This I feel gave the models a sense of ordered femininity, so to speak. Hair is controlled, yet still feminine-very interesting.  

PPQ-Image taken from

PPQ-Image taken from


Building on Ashish’s colour fun in winter, PPQ also let vibrant clashing blocks of warm colours off leash down their catwalk. Simple yet cute, bands of colour with sprinklings of plaid and ruffles were on offer to the viewer. Most notably, the colour orange stood out as a ‘must have’ PPQ autumn/winter 09 signature and definitely presented us with some different trends to think about.


Last of all, I can’t really talk about London fashion week without mentioning good old Viv Westwood!

Image Taken from

Image Taken from

The Red Label collection featured a lot of herringbone, plaid and stripes in rich, deep colours such as burgundy and navy blue in contrast with a flash of vibrant red. I especially liked Vivienne’s take on the traditional trench coat, giving it an up to date, modern twist. Overall this was a very smart, tailored collection, with only a hint of Westwood politics seeping through in the ‘Branded’ headbands (as seen in image above).






P.S Please excuse the formatting errors-its wordpress not me!

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