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Golden Summer Trends and a Trip to China!

March 8, 2009

On his return from a trip to China, I received a gift from my cousin. Within the plastic, Chinese KFC bag (haha!) that I was given, I found this Chinese lucky cat.



It’s kind of cool, in a tacky way, don’t you think? It’s taking pride of place on my shelf anyway, next to my porcelain clown, and yes, I do have a lot of clutter in my bedroom!

Apparently it’s supposed to enhance business/career success due to its raised paw. I really do hope it does so… anything’s worth a try! This notion could easily now go off into a completely different rant, but it won’t, I’ll control myself… after all this is a fashion blog!


Anyway, the colour and textures of the lucky cat reminded me of the golden, metallic fabrics many designers have featured in their collections for spring/summer 2009.

Below we see a little collage I have made from a collation of images taken from the designer’s collections that gravitated towards the golden trend this summer. 😀

Golden Sunshine! All Images originally taken from

Golden Sunshine! All Images originally taken from

So yes, take it from me, gold looks like a key trend to look out for this summer! Although, I wouldn’t quite go for the golden playsuit look myself…A good suggestion to work this look into your day to day life however, would be to add gold as an accent piece to your outfit, resulting in one key piece that stands out and shimmers in the sunlight! (That is if we have any sun this year!).

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