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Spring Cleaning: How to Clear/Sort Out your Wardrobe

March 30, 2009

It’s officially British summer time, the clocks have gone back and we should now be having some nice long evenings, weather providing!

What’s more, it is a brilliant excuse to sort everything out, especially our wardrobes, and have a clear out!


I thought, what could be more useful than a definitive guide to clearing out your wardrobe? So here we are, I bring you my guide to wardrobe sorting!

General clothing

  • Do they smell?
  • Are they stained?
  • Do they have holes?
  • Faded?
  • Are they too small/tight/baggy/big?
  • Do you like them? If not, find someone who does, or take it to the charity shop.


  • Have they shrunk?
  • Bobbled up?
  • Are they actually nice anymore, or rather, are they embarrassing to wear?



  • Do they fit? Any shoes/boots which are too big/rub and aren’t too warn (I’m presuming if they fit into this category you won’t have worn them so much due to discomfort!) I’d suggest ebay-I’m presuming it’s still pretty productive in the recession?
  • Are they falling apart? If you love them that much, buy a new, identical pair. I find I have this problem with converse trainers, they fall to pieces but I just can’t live without them!
  • Heels worn so much you’re constantly walking on an uneven surface? Either get them re-heeled (usually under £10) or chuck them. Cheap shoes do this very quickly, be warned!

Fashion- ok, so you have a few pieces you haven’t worn in ages, but you’re hanging onto them due to the amount you paid for them.

 Ask three questions.

  1. Would you wear it again? Ever?
  2. Do you think it’ll be coming back into fashion within the next 2 years?
  3. Did it ever suit you anyway?

If you’ve answered NO WAY to any of these questions…bye bye time!


Deal or No Deal?

Deal or No Deal?

I have one personal example of this. In the height of the UK’s love for gypsy skirts, I was guilty enough to buy a plain green gypsy style skirt. Pretty indiscrete I feel, as it is plain, I’ve kept hold of it, as it still fits and I feel a karki green skirt could easily be fitted into some other trend.

So basically, anything that is wearable that you don’t want, EBAY IT or CHARITY SHOP IT. Any thing else, CHUCK IT.

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