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Flora by Gucci and So Much Love for the Advert!

August 7, 2009

A pink hazy hue floods our vision whilst the heavenly, yet also very provocative, hymns of Donna Summer’s classic ‘I Feel Love’ begin to echo through our ears.

This is the new advert for the fragrance Flora, by Gucci.

Total fairy tale utopianism, I instantly fell in love with this advert. Femininity oozes as we watch the model, surrounded in a field of flowers, effortlessly spin magically for the flowers to bow to her powers, if only we had the same effect on men? Maybe it would happen if we wore this perfume 😉

Due to the pace and the vision this advert perspires to its viewers, I feel this advert works really well. On one hand it makes you stop and take notice, its ambience is quiet apposed to the dross Safestyle UK hit us with each Ad break! So therefore, instead of switching off we’re intrigued.

It’s also very overt in addressing its target audience, instantly the adverts femaleness hits us. Yet the product the advert is selling is kept from the audience until the very last moment, and with that, the audience is kept captive with the surreal events the advert encompasses until the purpose is revealed.

Beautifully directed by Chris Cunningham I believe this is definitely one of, if not the, most favoured advert that I have seen this year.

Below is the ‘making of’ video I just happened to come across on It shows how much went into creating the illusion of beauty, combining connotations of natural femininity, sex and power, as well as perhaps wealth, with the fragrance being associated with a high end brand such as Gucci.

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