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So I moved to Manchester?

January 27, 2010

So I moved to Manchester?

Yes indeed I did!

September 2009 I got my things together and landed in my lovely Manchester city centre apartment.

Not really a planned decision, but that’s the way my life goes-random!

Living in what I’d say is the street style epicentre of the north, creativity in style and general life has never been as prominent and inspiring from just walking through the city centre.

Being part of such an environment has inspired me, and I realise, I now have a reason to write as there is so much more to talk about!

So let’s rewind a month, The Manchester Christmas Market.

This was the first time I’d been to the full Christmas market in Manchester and it was truly magical! So many pretty things and so much amazing food!

In total I went three times. I ate bratwurst, roast hog, pancakes, waffles, chocolate covered fruit, cake, coconut ….yummm. Most importantly, I really enjoyed it!

It definitely put me in the Christmas spirit-even if I did spend Christmas day alone in my flat (sob sob)!

I also treated myself to some sheepskin mittens. I love them to pieces, so so warm! As it’s so cold here at the moment they are also very practical! I was really lucky as these were the last pair in the tan colour too!

Wish the market was here all year round, but sadly a week before Christmas I woke up and it’d gone 😦

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