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Rose Tinted Views on Tattoos.

March 31, 2010

Recently I have found myself intrigued and inspired by a tattoo. Kind of a worrying concept for someone with a needle phobia!

I have always enjoyed looking at tattoos, and many of my friends in fact have them, but I have never taken the steps towards the studio!

Having said that, yesterday I found myself browsing online catalogues and tattoo blogs. As a result, I came upon this image, the image of a rose.

Yes this isn’t innovative, and the image of the rose has probably been tattooed for centuries, but this individual tattoo I find incredibly beautiful and inspiring, most probably due to its realistic form.

So much so it has made me question whether I should or should not have a/this tattoo and to think about where on my body I should have it.

To me a tattoo is a decorative alternative art form which is an addition to the self as an expression of the inner selves, for the enjoyment of others, the audience; the viewers.

Having never had a tattoo I am relatively unaware of the value of this tattoo or in fact the pain endured, but what I can appreciate is the aesthetic beauty this tattoo holds within my gaze.

Historically, the tattoo has been used in humans for branding and identification purposes for slaves and tribes. Today is it almost always for cosmetic reasons.

So whilst I’m thinking and considering this, please tell me, do you have any tattoos? And if not, what would you get?

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