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I’m Still Around!

April 21, 2009

Hello people!

Do not despair, I am still here! 

I am truly sorry for my lack of updates this month. On the 3rd April I had a close bereavement in the family, and things have been pretty hectic since then!

Getting my life back into order this week though, so I should be posting something more substantial VERY soon! 

 I have also found a new sense of energy and enthusiasm, the whole ‘live life to the max’ cliché and all that!

 So yes, please stay tuned!

 Oh….and how amazing is this weather!?!


Spring Cleaning: How to Clear/Sort Out your Wardrobe

March 30, 2009

It’s officially British summer time, the clocks have gone back and we should now be having some nice long evenings, weather providing!

What’s more, it is a brilliant excuse to sort everything out, especially our wardrobes, and have a clear out!


I thought, what could be more useful than a definitive guide to clearing out your wardrobe? So here we are, I bring you my guide to wardrobe sorting!

General clothing

  • Do they smell?
  • Are they stained?
  • Do they have holes?
  • Faded?
  • Are they too small/tight/baggy/big?
  • Do you like them? If not, find someone who does, or take it to the charity shop.


  • Have they shrunk?
  • Bobbled up?
  • Are they actually nice anymore, or rather, are they embarrassing to wear?



  • Do they fit? Any shoes/boots which are too big/rub and aren’t too warn (I’m presuming if they fit into this category you won’t have worn them so much due to discomfort!) I’d suggest ebay-I’m presuming it’s still pretty productive in the recession?
  • Are they falling apart? If you love them that much, buy a new, identical pair. I find I have this problem with converse trainers, they fall to pieces but I just can’t live without them!
  • Heels worn so much you’re constantly walking on an uneven surface? Either get them re-heeled (usually under £10) or chuck them. Cheap shoes do this very quickly, be warned!

Fashion- ok, so you have a few pieces you haven’t worn in ages, but you’re hanging onto them due to the amount you paid for them.

 Ask three questions.

  1. Would you wear it again? Ever?
  2. Do you think it’ll be coming back into fashion within the next 2 years?
  3. Did it ever suit you anyway?

If you’ve answered NO WAY to any of these questions…bye bye time!


Deal or No Deal?

Deal or No Deal?

I have one personal example of this. In the height of the UK’s love for gypsy skirts, I was guilty enough to buy a plain green gypsy style skirt. Pretty indiscrete I feel, as it is plain, I’ve kept hold of it, as it still fits and I feel a karki green skirt could easily be fitted into some other trend.

So basically, anything that is wearable that you don’t want, EBAY IT or CHARITY SHOP IT. Any thing else, CHUCK IT.

Urban Outfitters 1950’s/Luella Style Sunglasses!

March 24, 2009

Looking back on my orange inspired post I’m thinking you’ll be thinking the same as me….those Luella glasses are AMAZING…I’m right, yes?

Well, I have some good news! I was just browsing Urban Outfitters collection of sunnies, and came across these beauties!


Urban Outfitters 'Plastic Cat Eyes'

Urban Outfitters 'Plastic Cat Eyes'

Very similar to Luella’s cat like glasses, Urban Outfitters give us two different styles of  50’s sunglasses (see above and below) in a variety of colours. Both the Plastic Cat Eyes glasses and the Feline Vintage Shades are priced at £15.

Urban Outfitters Feline Vintage Shades

Urban Outfitters Feline Vintage Shades

 My favourites are the black version of the Feline Vintage Shades due to their thinner frame. At £15 I think they are also a pretty good safe buy. Although I’m sure H&M or Primarni (Primark) may come up trumps with a cheaper alternative, I shall keep an eye out! But for now, to give our wardrobe a bit of Luella charm, Urban Outfitters have done us proud! 😀

I feel I shall be definately making a purchase of these, they’re so much more feminine than the Ray wafers!


Tango Summer 09

March 19, 2009

Yes that’s right, orange is going to be a big colour this summer. No, I don’t mean fake tan or fruit. I mean the colour orange as in fabric, dye or maybe even a colouring pencil? ORANGE.

So you may be wondering, just how have I come to this decision? Well, that’s simple. By studying summer 09’s designer catwalks I accumulated an orange vision, designers such as Luella, Betty Jackson, Chloe, Marni and House of Holland all brought out their summery day-glow oranges, all in different hues and uses. 

Luella Summer 09 I <3 this outfit SO much! Image Originally from

Luella Summer 09 I ❤ this outfit SO much! Image Originally from

Luella’s Queen-y inspired peaches, or ‘corals’ as the fashion magazines seem to be labelling it, I particularly favour. Contrasting with lilacs, pinks and purples, Luella shows us how to wear orange with other bright colours as well as a block colour with a dash of 50’s style and class, as well as Luella’s trade mark, wonderful eccentricity.

Marni Summer 09 Collection, Image from

Marni Summer 09 Collection, Image from

Other fashion houses have used orange as both a main, block colour in their outfits, but also as an accent colour through the use of orange accessories and such. Orange is quite a hard colour to wear, so for those of you who are orange shy, stick with the more subtle orange accessories! I think I’m going to try and go for a bit of both 😀

Orange – by sweetpeagreen on

To end, here is a lovely Polyvore thingy I created, with all the summer sunshine we’ve recently had, here’s the perfect summer fashion scene 🙂

Inspiration: Zac Posen Vs. Charity Shop Chic

March 16, 2009

Who said you couldn’t recreate catwalk fashions from granny’s old curtains? 

Earlier this week, I came across a velvet skirt-suit in the sale bin of a local charity shop. For only £2, reduced from £9.50, this was definitely a quality recession buy.

Sexual huh?

Sexual huh?

As you can see it’s rather sexual…haha.

With no evidence of branded labels, I presume this is the masterpiece of a local creative genius. I very much doubt I’ll be wearing this as a two-piece; less is definitely more in this case!

Reminiscent of a period drama costume, I initially bought this item due to my love of the unusual shape of the jacket’s shoulders and pointy waist, as well as the pretty intricate pattern.

It wasn’t until I returned the garment home that I realised the similarities between the jacket’s structure and Zac Posen’s recently exhibited winter/fall 09/10 collection.

Image taken from

Image taken from

In the full swing of New York fashion week, Zac Posen’s collection featured big shoulders, long fluid dresses and lots of metallic fabrics.  Obviously outfits that make a big entrance and a big impression!

 posen inspired

Taking Zac Posen as a key influence, I have now dressed the charity shop jacket into a suitable outfit. I’m still unsure how adaptable to everyday life this will become, but I have visions of wearing long floating dresses and straw hats together with the jacket on mild summer evenings. 🙂

I don’t really know what to do with the skirt now….humph. Any ideas?

Red Nose Day T-shirt-ness.

March 11, 2009

On Friday 13th March 2009 (that’s this Friday!) the BBC shall be broadcasting an evening of programmes filled with fun and laughter, all in the aid of Comic Relief.

Although I’m not directly taking part in any fund raising activities, I did donate at least £5 towards the cause through the purchase of a limited addition Stella McCartney Red Nose Day T-shirt.

Obtainable only from UK TKMaxx stores, the T-shirts are priced from £10 each, with a percentage of the cost going towards Comic Relief.

The three designs created by Stella McCartney feature memorable black and white photographs of cultural legends; Morecambe and Wise, The Beatles and Madonna. Of course, it wouldn’t really be Red Nose Day without red noses huh? And McCartney hasn’t disappointed with the humorous, tongue-in-cheek additions to the t-shirts.

Image taken from

Image Taken from

My choice of design features Morecambe and Wise. As comedians themselves, I have fond memories of watching (the repeats of) their show in my childhood and it only seems fitting to choose the design featuring such legendary comedians for Comic Relief.

Have a Good Laugh....Go On...

Have a Good Laugh...Go On...

This is the little outfit I made up with my T-shirt anyway, groovy baby!

I bought the cardigan on the same day. It’s from an organic cotton collection by Ronit Zilkha and feels lovely and soft! The high-waisted shorts are from Warehouse about two years ago in the sale, but I’ve noticed Topshop are currently selling a very similar pair this season!

Image taken from

Image taken from

From the creation of this outfit I’ve had another one of my shoe aspirations….or cravings perhaps. I’m thinking a pair of high top Reeboks classics would finish this off quite nicely. As comfortable sensible trainers, I’ll be able to walk home without sore feet whilst still looking dude-ish (my walk home from town is more like a hike up a very steep Pennine hill-I’m so not exaggerating!).

I’d love to see your pictures of Red Nose Day fun -so get snapping and posting!

Golden Summer Trends and a Trip to China!

March 8, 2009

On his return from a trip to China, I received a gift from my cousin. Within the plastic, Chinese KFC bag (haha!) that I was given, I found this Chinese lucky cat.



It’s kind of cool, in a tacky way, don’t you think? It’s taking pride of place on my shelf anyway, next to my porcelain clown, and yes, I do have a lot of clutter in my bedroom!

Apparently it’s supposed to enhance business/career success due to its raised paw. I really do hope it does so… anything’s worth a try! This notion could easily now go off into a completely different rant, but it won’t, I’ll control myself… after all this is a fashion blog!


Anyway, the colour and textures of the lucky cat reminded me of the golden, metallic fabrics many designers have featured in their collections for spring/summer 2009.

Below we see a little collage I have made from a collation of images taken from the designer’s collections that gravitated towards the golden trend this summer. 😀

Golden Sunshine! All Images originally taken from

Golden Sunshine! All Images originally taken from

So yes, take it from me, gold looks like a key trend to look out for this summer! Although, I wouldn’t quite go for the golden playsuit look myself…A good suggestion to work this look into your day to day life however, would be to add gold as an accent piece to your outfit, resulting in one key piece that stands out and shimmers in the sunlight! (That is if we have any sun this year!).